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Magna Graeca/Tarantella

Presented 2005 in Sofli, Greece
This paper starts from a premise that within public assemblies and gatherings, in the territories under influences of classical Greek civilization, processions, blessings, rituals, performances and dance took place. This paper explores dances of healing and release traditionally danced by women.

We present an overview of the literature, with a series of tentative hypotheses and open questions, about possible relationships...
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  Presented 2008 in Baden-Baden, Germany
Possible procedural similarities between abstract problems mathematically expressed, engineering problems mechanically resolved, collective tensions and yearning expressed as significant poetic, acoustic or visual manifestations in art will be explored through a series of open questions and reflections. We begin with a short analysis and comparison of the methodologies of Nicola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci, and explore issues raised by examples of imagination...
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Scenography and Genius Loci

Closeup of grate and carnation flower

Presented 2007 in Prague, Czechoslovakia
The traditional concept of genius loci, spirit of place, has a number of meanings ranging from the special atmosphere of a place, through human cultural responses to a place, to notions of the guardian spirit of a place. In the theater, this expresses itself in thousands of ways, from Giselle appearing in the forest clearing to Beckett's characters buried in the sand.

Additionally, this paper will discuss some theoretical, dramaturgical, and visual issues raised...
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Transmigration of Music

Detail of ancient Egyptian bas-relief

Presented 2008 in Athens, Greece
Troubadours are the paper's central example. Broader issues of social currents in Mediterranean cultures will be touched upon through looking at Troubadours and, by reflection, Trouveres, as well as other itinerant musicians' collaborations with Alfonso X, The Wise, emperor-musician.

The paper will touch upon possible influences on Troubadours and Trouveres by the Albigensian culture of southern France...
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Mediterranean Worlds

Detail of HypogeumPresented 2009 in Famagusta, Cyprus
Byzantium and the Balkans, Faculty of History, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski. From the standpoint of the History of Ideas, some recurrent Mediterranean themes will be approached with open questions and critical reflections. The attempt in this paper is not to prove any hypothesis, but to point to some instances of cultural similarities at different Mediterranean locations...
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River of Images

Shepherd and flock of sheep

Presented 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand
The elusive relationship between external cultural experiences and internal voluntary and involuntary image making is a starting point of this paper. Based on a number of contemporary projects and historic examples, open questions are asked about the imaginative function...
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Learning Body–Feeling Mind


Presented 2011 in Timişoara, Romania
Starting with inborn wisdom of the body–the infant reflexes. Of particular interest is the non-verbal and proto-verbal potential of little figures–anthropomorphic simile for the child's early years of development of self and body.
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Past with poetic license


Presented 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal
Teatro Olimpico - Canopus of Emporer Hadrian -
Ship with Simultaneous Histories

The paper touches upon issues and constructs of personal and collective meaning triggered by programmatically ordered and physically designed spaces. The complexities of verbal and non-verbal signifiers and their communications, are touched upon through addressing the issues of: spatial interpretations of the past, shaping of land beyond utility, and individuality within a shared space.
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Caves Echoes, Archaic Polyphonic Singing and Harmony of Spheres Traditions

Cave Echoes

Presented 2013 in Sibiu, Romania
In opening we briefly look at archaic, ancient and Greco-Roman music traditions as examples of cumulative societal interactions leading to defined cultures and as expressions of shared fields of experiences, values, mores, taboos and aspirations in the territories of Mediterranean and Black Sea watersheds.
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World, Underworld and Other World

Mediterranean Cities

Presented 2013 in Ascona, Switzerland
We open with the geographic context of the volcanic region of Campania where the two cities are located. We continue with a brief probing into cultural context by looking at few paintings representing urban scenes. Piero della Francesca painting of a renaissance ideal town is paired with several Pompeian frescos of real and imaginary urban views. This brief comparative inquiry sets the tone and opens questions about the diversity and commonality of Mediterranean cities across time and territories.
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Informed Response—Curriculums of Care

Informed Response—Curriculums of Care

Presented 2013 in Shanghai, China
In opening we visit Mumford's articulations of three ages of Technology and reflect on their adaptation and amplification in response to the state of the world we find ourselves in. We continue by exploring Mumford's central notions of time and measurability with two examples. Then we follow with five other examples reflecting on or comparing with Mumford's notions about tools, technics, architecture, inner life and cultural phenomenon.
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