Tea & Ink Drawing Workshop in Istanbul

Halka Art Project, Istanbul, November 12 & December 22, 2012

Ink and calligraphic gesture explore issues of doing and making and technical mastery in expressing contemporary experience with age-old materials and means.

Tea Workshop

Tea Workhshop

Drawing with tea

Drawing with tea

Tea pictures

Tea pictures

Photographs by Sezgi Abalı Attal

Artship Initiatives is teaming up with the Halka Art Project since 2012.

Halka Art Project is a non-profit, independent organization initiated in May 2011 by academics in working in the area of contemporary arts. It focuses on the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art and culture by providing support, resources and inspiration for intellectual and artistic process, production and the sharing of knowledge.

Halka Art Project initiates, curates and develops art projects at home and abroad. It is an open platform which gathers individuals with different expertise and backgrounds committed to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and artistic circles, professional collaborations and public interactions. It believes in the the transformational power of art and that it must be available and reachable for everyone.

Halka Art Project is located in a three floor historical building in Moda/ Istanbul.

Founders & Directors
İpek Çankaya
Sezgi Abalı Attal