The Sea

Artship Exhibition at SomArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco
March 2 - 22, 2006

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Symbolic and Inward Response to this Vast Element

  • Betsie Miller-Kusz
  • Margaret Bertrand
  • Nathan Bolton
  • Robert Dodge
  • Augusto Ferriols
  • Tom Franco
  • Leopoldine Hugo
  • Patricia K. Kelly
  • Regina Kirschner-Rosenzweig
  • Kheven Lee LaGrone
  • Dennis Letbetter
  • Tatiana Lyskova
  • Diana Marto
  • Susan Matthews
  • Francois Miglio
  • Betsie Miller-Kusz
  • TheArthur Wright
  • Katie Wolf

The intention of the exhibition is to present works that responds to the sea deeply, paying homage to it, and in that way honoring the sea itself. It focuses on works that respond to the vastness of the sea, pieces that need no explanation, rather than works that are literal or farfetched.

The exhibition showcases artists whose work presents essential qualities for direct, non-verbal communication&emdash;pieces that do not need written explanations, but communicate the mystery, vastness and beauty of the human response to the sea.

Miniature mountains of tabletop Chinese Gardens, and raked sand in Zen Courtyards, both of which are fragments that bring us into touch with great primeval elements, are examples of the spirit of this exhibition.

Curated by Artship's Artistic Director, Slobodan Dan Paich, the exhibition presents the work of Artship-affiliated artists, local and international.

Betsie Miller-Kusz Painting The Sea
Betsie Miller-Kusz
Betsie Miller-Kusz Painting Viaggio 4

TheArthur Wright Illustration titled Spray
TheArthur Wright
TheArthur Wright Illustation titled Jag3

Leopoldine Hugo Drawing of the sea
Leopoldine Hugo
Leopoldine Hugo Drawing of the sea detail

Dennis Letbetter Photograph Rock 1
Dennis Letbetter
Dennis Letbetter Photograph of

Sweet water rivulets and creeks used to mingle with the salty waters of the San Francisco Bay creating waterways and fingers of land and shoreline. The Bay used to reach all the way to the SomArts Building which was a boat repair shop. Artship formerly was housed on a historic ship for four years. These connections to maritime uses of the SomArts Building and Artship will be acknowledged at the entrance to this exhibition dedicated to the Sea.

General views of the exhibit

View of the Artship Exhibition The Sea at SomArts
View of the Artship Exhibition The Sea at SomArts
View of the Artship Exhibition The Sea at SomArts
View of the Artship Exhibition The Sea at SomArts

The Sea Performance

Special Event during the Current Art Exhibition The Sea

Artship Exhibition at SomArts Cultural Center 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 Thursday March 16, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

Artship Dance Theater performance at the Sea Exhibit

Part I of the Dance Program

Artship Dance/Theater, with its unique music ensemble, will perform the segment ‘Navigation Songs’ from the current production in rehearsals ‘Tarantella, Tarantula’ which will premiere in September 2006 at the ODC Theater in the Mission district of San Francisco.

This contemporary piece of theater is inspired by the healing dance Tarantella (the antidote to the poisonous spider bite), and by the ancient numerical systems and navigational instruments all derived from the proportions of the human body. Being lost at sea, in the turmoil of suppressed emotions, or in high temperatures of an infection, the ancients solved problems of navigation, emotion and health through their knowledge of body proportions and functions.

Artship Dance Theater performance at the Sea Exhibit

Artship Dance/Theater

  • Catrina Kaupat
  • Tom Franco
  • Mardi Van Winkle
  • Dianne Landelle

Artship Ensemble

  • Suellen Primost (Cello)
  • John Kadyk (Clarinet, Steel Drum)
  • Marie Perry (Accordion)

Theater Director/Dancemaker:

Slobodan Dan Paich

Part II of the Dance Program

Diana Marto will perform segments from her piece "Whale Guardian," dancing with paper pulp casts of the whale's cranium and numerous whalebones, ribs, and vertebrae.


Views of Individual Artists Work in the Exhibit