Art in the Park

September 30, 2004

Celebrate Art in the Park

Storytellers Marijo and Stefan Christenberry

Shadow of a person backlit on an oval screen
Shadow of another person backlit onto an oval screen
Shadow of a person with arms upraised in an oval screen

Female dancer facing towards a large swath of billowing white fabric
Dancer pulling a large swath of fabric behind her

at San Francisco's South Park
September 30, 2004 6 -9pm
presented by

Neighborhood Parks Council and
the Recreation and Park Department of San Francisco

in collaboration with

Artship Dance/Theater

"Harvest of Secrets" Project

Miniature painting of an idyllic landscape

under the Artistic Direction of Slobodan Dan Paich

Storytelling installations, music and dance
celebrating trees throughout the City of San Francisco

Urban trees are at once natural and stylized representatives of the wilderness. They are domesticated and cultivated to give safe, measured connections to the wild- serving as ambassadors of the tangled forest. Each tree holds its own secret. From its biotic origins to its adaptation to urban settings, the geometry of a tree's growth is a continuing work in progress—both as a work of self creation and a spontaneous "work of art."Trees are related to myths and stories in ways that have deep cultural connections. Their simple principles of growth carry secrets of ancient untold universes.

  • Ky Yu, dancer
  • Catrina Kaupat, dancer/actress
  • Hallie Rose Hunt, dancer
  • Tom Franco, sculptor and dancer
  • Karl Gillick, rigger and aerial dancer
  • Mardi Van Winkle, dancer
  • Marijo, storyteller
  • Stefan Christenberry, storyteller
  • Suellen Primost, musician (cello)
  • John Kadyk, musician (steel drum and clarinet)

Gallery: Art in the Park Performance and Trees and The Movement Vocabulary Rehearsals

Photographs by Paul Winternitz