Stories From Our People

Serkeci dancers

Artship-Crossroads Initiatives & Halka Art Project
Presents at Sirkeci Railway Station, Istanbul
Stories From Our People
Exhibition and Mini-Performances inspired by Train Journeys of the last century

Exhibition is open everyday 11:00–19:00
December 18, 2013–January 20, 2014
Opening Ceremony Saturday, December 21 at 16:00

Performances Friday and Saturday:
December 27 and 28, January 17 and 18 at 20:00

The project is incubated by Mehmet Kavanoz and Slobodan Dan Paich In collaboration with actors/dancers Su Güzey, Metehan Kayan and with local and international artists, designers, writers, musicians, culinary artists and architects.

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Serkeci dancers

Su Güzey
Metehan Kayan

Su and Metehan