Research Interest & Activities
  • Comparative approach to studying cultures
  • History of Techniques
    Crafts, arts, architecture
  • Forgotten or Suppressed Histories
    Fostering informed and well-researched open questions
  • Oral Traditions
    Developing critical methodology and protocols for inclusion into primary sources
  • Collection of Contemporary Oral histories
  • Developing free access web archives

Slobodan Dan Paich -academic bio- is the principal researcher of this aspect of Artship Initiatives. From 1969 he extended the teaching of history of art to include ideas, music, literature, architecture, crafts of east and west and indigenous expressions.

One of the interests of Artship's historic research is as a possible inspiration for contemporary art, not in a traditionalist sense but as a response to continuity and renewal.

List of academic [papers] presented at international conferences

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